San Salvador, El Salvador

Hello San Salvador

San Salvador is the capital and the most populous city of EI Salvador. It is also a financial hub of Central America. It plays host to many regional and international sporting, political and social events. 

Major Attractions:

  • Iglesia EI Rosario: This is the finest church of Central America which has been designed with exteriors concealing an arched roof and a rainbow of natural light across the altar.
  • Cathedral Metropolitana: It is the resting place of Archbishop Oscar A Romero.
  • Museo Nacional de Antropologia David J Guzman: The museum displays statues and relics from ancient Cuscatlan and EI Salvador.


  • Crowne Plaza Hotel: A 3 star hotel at Calle Poniente with a restaurant and pool. It also offers Airport transportation for the guests.
  • Barcelo San Salvador: One of the best hotels located at the heart of business district with amazing views.
  • Holiday Inn: A 3 star hotel with outdoor pool, restaurant and a lounge bar.


  • Rustico Bistro:  A place for best burgers in the world.
  • Pollo Bonanza: The broiled chicken in this restaurant is relished by the locals for its flavour.
  • EI Sopon Tipico: This restaurant at the busy corner of Galerias Escalon has simple, fresh and delicious local food.


  • Pupusas: Looks like tortilla and has cheese with meat or vegetable.
  • Pan con Pollo: A chicken sandwich with tomato sauce and vegetables of your choice. 
  • Empanada: Ground plantain with sweet fillings.

Travel Info:

The best time to visit this place is between November and April which is the summer season or plan a visit in May and October.