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As one of the most densely populated countries in Latin America, El Salvador has a powerful cuisine that is showcased in small, unpretentious restaurants. If you travel to El Salvador, you will see that there is hardly anything to be found in the country. This is true when compared with other countries such as Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, but El Paso's cuisine is not bland. Pan - Pollo chicken and Pastelito are two of my other favorites, but everything is brimming with flavor and spirit right off the street in El Salvador.

I think we had a great version of this meal in a local restaurant, Boteca Janela in Salvador. Note: The market is full of tourists, so if you just want some good food for dinner, start at one of the local restaurants. However, you should take at least two to three hours before you go to the market.

Other great, extremely inexpensive places to try El Salvador are street carts and open-air markets. To enjoy fresh fish, you should prefer restaurants along the coast. Fried fish is everywhere in El Paso, but to make sure you're not on a budget, you should stay in San Salvador for at least a few days. Some of the facilities we tried are El Nacional, El Pueblo and El Cienfuegos, and many others.

If you are not interested in anything other than your next meal, you might want to go to the Jaragua restaurant. To learn more about the restaurants we have visited and what Salvadoran cuisine is, check out our list of the 5 best foods in Salvador. While there, we spent hours wandering the city to find the best food and restaurants in San Salvador and El Pueblo, as well as some of the best restaurants in El Paso.

If you're planning to travel to El Salvador and wonder what Salvadoran cuisine has to offer, this is a great list to help you get started. Salvador has so much more to offer than what you will eat, and there is still much to discover, but these are just some of the best restaurants in El Pueblo and San Salvador.

If you are visiting El Salvador for food, the Juayua Food Festival is the place to go or just to eat whatever you choose. Salvadoran cuisine to try on your next visit to El Paso and choose a menu for your party.

The best food in El Salvador ranges from unique impressions of the neighboring cuisine to the most popular dishes of the United States such as chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs. Soups, sopas, stews and caldo are extremely popular in El Salvador, as are some of the best dishes from Mexico and the Caribbean.

El Salvador is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there are seasonal specialties for Good Friday dishes. A typical lunch in El Salvador consists of a variety of dishes, usually served with bean soup and enchiladas (en chilada is a tostada in El Salvador). The menu features Honduran and Mexican dishes, mixed with some of the best dishes from the United States, such as chicken, pork, beef and pork ribs. From time to time, restaurants in San Salvador serve a different version of what you find in the US and other parts of Latin America, but they are usually located on the same street or are occasionally served in one of their restaurants.

You might be surprised to find a delicacy offered in El Salvador, such as chicken, pork, beef or pork ribs or a variety of other dishes.

In San Salvador, El Gringo Tours only runs rum tastings on a regular basis, so it's better to try one of the restaurants in Cojutepeque. El Guanaco is a Salvadoran restaurant in Los Angeles, known for its delicious dolls, but the restaurant is not an anomaly; you can try it anywhere in El Salvador. If you are in San Salvador and can't find it where you want, you can try this one restaurant in CoJute Peque, just a few blocks from the city center.

Although technically not a fully-fledged restaurant, this Wheeled Restaurant serves some of the finest modern Salvadoran cuisine in town. So it was hard for me not to have it on that list and I'm glad I did.

Although the national dish is the most popular food in El Salvador when it comes to cheap snacks, they have much more to offer. Although Xinxim Galinha does not make you eat at least once in Brazil, it is still one of the top five foods in San Salvador.

This is a great stepping stone for all the strange delicacies you can find in El Salvador. Head out to learn a little about the historic areas of Salvador and make your way from the tourist parts of San Salvador to the more rural areas.

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