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We have compiled a list of the best things to do in El Salvador to help you plan your trip. We also offer you route suggestions that cover a wide range of good things for you in and around El Salvadore.

Downtown San Salvador has been renovated and it is safe to visit all the squares and important buildings, including the National Palace, Plaza de la Revolucion and Central Park. You can also stroll through the historic streets of El Salvadore, such as El Salvador's most popular street, El Camino de los Muertos.

You can also explore Pompeii of the Americas and Joya de Ceren in a tour that reveals a unique perspective on El Salvador. You can visit the National Palace, Plaza de la Revolucion and Central Park, as well as the historic city of Suchitoto, if you take a full-day tour of San Salvador, or you can even visit El Salvador's most popular tourist attractions such as El Camino de los Muertos. If you do not decide to settle here, but there are a few interesting things to see, such a place is a great place for a day trip or even a week - long holidays.

If you are coming from the other end of Honduras or Nicaragua, you can take the Tica bus to San Salvador. If you come from Honduras, you don't have to miss El Salvador, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. In SanSalvador there are several canteens selling freshly made dolls, fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods.

Ascar will take you to downtown San Salvador, where you can visit some of the most important monuments, including the El Salvador National Museum, the National Palace and the Plaza de la Revolucion. Explore the other SanSalvador day trips, such as the one on the first day of your trip or the two-day tour on the third day.

El Salvador's capital is also the country's largest city, but if you're under time pressure and need to prioritize, you can always focus on the rest of the country. This is not to say that the capital is not worth visiting, there are a lot of interesting things to do in San Salvador. One of my favourite walks is the 45-minute walk that takes you through the flower-filled streets in the heart of downtown and downtown, as well as to the Plaza de la Revolucion. The Flower Route is a great day trip in itself and connects the most beautiful cities of El Salvador. Although most travellers fly in from other countries to at least give you the chance to explore the bustling cities, it's still worth exploring.

All in all, there are some fun things to do in San Salvador, but if you want to do it alone, below is a list of the best things I've done in San Salvador to help you get started. If you have any doubts when you arrive, simply ask the locals if they recommend a hike in Puerto del Diablo or a hike through the countryside in the San Salvador countryside.

One of the child-friendly activities to try in San Salvador is a visit to the Tin Marin Children's Museum. If you have a passion for art and history, visiting this museum should be one of your first activities in El Salvador. Another great place to explore if you're looking for things in the pristine nature is the San Francisco Bay Area, where there are a number of great places to go hiking, biking and other activities.

One of the most important and interesting places in San Salvador is perhaps the controversial Iglesia El Rosario. This is the oldest church in El Salvador and the only one of its kind in the world, and it is a great place for religious and cultural activities and a place of worship for many people.

The country is very affordable, and if you have visited Mexico or Guatemala, you can get a flight for about APS60 to get to San Salvador from various places. Surfing in El Salvador is also convenient, as the main surf spots are located along the coast of San Salvador, but the city is also home to some of the most popular surf spots in the world, such as San Pedro Sula. Flights to and from SanSalvador are available from any of these places and the country is a great destination for surfers.

When visiting El Salvador, you can see and do 7 great things near San Salvador and make the most of your time in this beautiful city and its surroundings. Check out our full SanSalvador travel guide for more information on where to go and how to plan your trip to and from San Salvador. Check out our list of things you can do with your whole family in San and Salvador when you do your first research. If you go to El Salvador, tell us what you think, what you did and what you wish you had gone there?

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